2017-2018SY Regional Compliance Forums for
NC McKinney-Vento Homeless Liaisons

Making sure school districts are in compliance with the McKinney-Vento Act (i.e., ensuring that school personnel are identifying and enrolling students immediately, that services to students are being provided, and that barriers to homeless students receiving an education are being eliminated) is not always easy. The compliance forums allow for continued learning opportunities, including opportunities to discuss the challenges and requirements in the delivery of services, and sharing successful strategies with other districts.

Handouts and other resources mentioned during the Regional Compliance Forums held September through November 2017, can be access below.

U. S. Department of Education Resources

  • USED ESSA Web Page
  • 2016 Non-Regulatory Guidance
    • Section I - School of Origin, Best Interest, and Immediate Enrollment
    • Section J - Transportation
    • Section K  - Dispute Resolution Procedures
    • Section L - Coordinated Services
    • Section M - Coordinator with Title I, Part A of the ESEA
    • Section N - Early Childhood Homelessness
    • Section O - Credit Accrual
    • Section P - Unaccompanied Homeless Youths
    • Section Q  -  Access to Postsecondary Education

Other Data Resources

First Person Perspective

J. Roark


SchoolHouse Connection - Jordyn Roark article, "More Than Homeless"