NCHEP 2019 Learning Institute Certificate of Participation

As an attendee at the NCHEP 2019 Learning Institute, you may download the Certificate(s) of Participation after completing the Feedback Survey to document your attendance. Please note that there is a certificate for each of the two days of the Learning Institute. You should only download a certificate for the day(s) you actually attended the Learning Institute. Keep in mind that registration and sign-in information are on file. To document your attendance at the NCHEP 2019 Learning Institute, follow the steps below:

  1. Save the certificate below to your computer (click on the image of each certificate below to download the file);
  2. Type your name in the space provided;
  3. Re-save and/or print the certificate; and
  4. Submit the certificate to your district office in accordance with its CEU policy.

NCHEP 2019 Learning Institute – Day 1


NCHEP 2019 Learning Institute – Day 2


Learning Institute Handouts

Presentation slides and handouts are available for download from the Learning Institute web page